July 14, 2008

ROUND SIX REBUTTAL: Polynesian Sunrise

Here is my offering in the adult beverage category: Polynesian Sunrise (aka The Baby Maker or Parent-Aid...just joking! Wish I could see the sickened look on Beth's face! Ha ha!). It's simple to prepare and refreshing to drink.

4 oz orange juice

2 oz cranberry juice

1 1/2 oz coconut rum

splash of lime

Pour over ice in your favorite Tiki god glass or plastic cup. Paper umbrella and plastic palm tree stick are optional!


Jamie said...

Very festive Susan! I am sure Beth liked that comment a lot. My drink should be coming up pretty soon....still experimenting... :)

Beth said...

The Baby Maker??? BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH! Drink looks good, though!