May 11, 2008

ROUND THREE: Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

Since it was my turn to get the next round started, and since the last two rounds have been filled with decadent desserts, I decided that a nice healthy entry might be a good idea. So, it is Sunday morning, my husband is hours away from waking up, that means actual food is hours I decided to make myself a smoothie! Now, I do have the ultimate smoothie machine ever built and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone - The Magic Bullet. I use it everyday for something. Like last night I used it to make a paste out of chilies and ginger...this morning I used it to make a healthy smoothie!

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

(single serving)

1 c. nonfat vanilla yogurt
¼ c. blueberries
½ c. frozen strawberries
1 t. lime juice
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (optional)

Combine everything in a blender and let ‘er rip. I use frozen strawberries instead of fresh strawberries because that way, it makes the smoothie cold and I don’t need to add ice cubes. In my opinion, the fruit sweetens the smoothie enough that sugar is not necessary. Now how healthy does that sound!?


Susan said...

Yum. I love smoothies but we've had problems with the machines we've bought in the past. I've seen the Magic Bullet on TV and wondered if it was all they said it was. I'll be looking into getting one since it has your endorsement!

Kristin said...

smoothies are the best :)
maybe a tip for future smoothie attempts - as soon as my bananas start to get old i put them in the freezer, and then use them in the smoothies in place of ice/pre-packed frozen fruits. i also got a bunch of strawberries from the farmer's market as the season was winding down (they were really cheap and looking like they needed to be used in the next day or two) and put them in the freezer for future smoothie-age.
also, try using kefir instead of yogurt for a slightly thinner consistency.
i might try to contribute to this one actually... we'll see.

andrewtanner07 said...

No problems with the bullet. I just made my own smoothie. Here's my recipie:
1 banana (Cut into pieces and should fill the cup about half way) then fill the rest of the cup up with blue berries. After that fill up the cup with one cup of milk. That's two half cups for you people who's dealing with fractions. Then blend away. All of the berryies will be blended, the banana and milk will mix in with the berries. It tastes so good yet no sugar was added. Beat that java juice.